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How do I compose a successful SMS/Text Campaign?

SMS/Text campaigns can generate great results if you follow these 4 simple rules

Rule 1 - Personalize

Rule 2 - Introduce yourself

Rule 3 - Make an offer

Rule 4 - Sense of Urgency- Call to action


Rule 1 - Personalize

Use Contact name to send SMS/Text. This way, client will feel more engaged if they see that you are talking to them directly. It will increase engagement up to 20%


Rule 2 - Introduce yourself

If you don’t explain who is sending a message, clients will be lost. Message will have no credibility. If they know you by name, use your name. If they know your company - then use your company.


Rule 3 - Make an Irresistible offer in the form of discount, not dollar value

  • Don’t put offer in the form of price: For example do not write: Message - $40 only. Instead use 50% Discount on massage
  • Do not offer 10-20-30% discount - It does not work. It has to be 40% or more. Use most profitable service and send message to the passive clients during the days when the business is slow


Rule 4 - Generate sense of urgency

  • Today Only
  • First 10 customers only
  • Call back at (your tracking number)


Here are two examples


Good Example
Bad Example
Hi [customer_name], experience our Organic Pumpkin & Chocolate facial - 50% OFF - TODAY ONLY. Call Vital Body Works 954-123-1234 to book!
Hi [customer_name], it's Vital Body Works. Come experience our Organic Pumpkin & Chocolate facial for only $80. Limited Edition, click to claim & call to book!

Here are a few reason why sms campaigns are effective

  • Majority of your audience own phones
  • You are guaranteed instant and active communication with your clients
  • Quality over Quantity - short and sweet
  • Higher open rate and CTR (Click through rate) than email campaigns
  • SMS/Text are also less costly

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