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How can I prevent emails from going to SPAM?

While Referrizer uses the best email servers and our developers are constantly working to make sure our email system complies with spam filters, here are some other factors and ideas to keep your email out of the spam folder:

  • Ask your clients to add you to their contact lists or safe sender list. You can always do this prior to sign up.

  • Ensure your email starts with info@, newsletter@ and ends with your domain name.

  • Avoid public email services such as yahoo, hotmail, aol, gmail..

  • Personalize the subject line with the first name variable [first_name]

  •  Using words or phrases in the Subject line similar to "click here", "dear recipient", "cash", "make money", "free", “specials”, “deal”, “offer”  can increase the likelihood that your mail ends up being filtered.

  • Test your mail with to help you determine what might flag a spam filter.

  • Your email needs to look good. Spam filters will shut down a campaign that looks like junk mail. It should be balanced between images and text.

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