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Email Campaigns - How can I run my own?

Email campaigns are still one of the most used and effective marketing tools to maintain contact with your customers about special promotions and offers. They are a great way to reach out and let your customers know you are still thinking about them even if they have not been in to visit.


  1. Great way to keep in touch

  2. Inform Customers about Specials or Campaigns

  3. Ability to remind those you have not seen to come back

  4. Increase Advertising of your business

How it works:

Email campaigns are still a big part of Marketing and maintaining contact with your customers. Especially when you need to go into more detail or would like special graphics and other tools to get your point across.

A couple key points to make your email marketing effective are:

  1. Capture Attention with Subject Line Creativity
  • Clear and Concise Content

  • Get Personal (include customer’s name- we make it easy)

  • Give a Call to Action (Buy Now!, Find out more!, and our favorite Share Offers!)

Video Tutorial:

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